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Located in the heart of region's largest manganese belt,Superfine Minerals has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of Manganous Oxide 62% and 54% which are used across the globe as feed additives. Today the company supplies Manganous Oxide regularly to various countries including Canada, Australia,Taiwan, almost entire Europe & Scandinavia. At SUPERFINE MINERALS, we are driven by the philosophy of Customer Satisfaction. Every little effort goes into meeting the demands of the customer. Consistency in quality, supply and timely deliveries has ensured Superfine Minerals carve a niche for itself.

At Superfine Minerals, the stress has been on meeting the demands of the customer, everytime. Over the years, backed with this vision the company has ensured consistency in quality, reliability in supply and timely deliveries to its customers. All resulting in an extremely loyal customer base. The company policy is to give consistent high quality material at realistic prices.